Apprenticeship Program

  • Do you want to create a business as a world-class coach?
  • Do you want high-performing, high-fee clients?
  • And, do you want to do it in a way that feels authentic and true to you?

Then welcome, you’ve found the right place.

The Apprenticeship Program is a 12 month commitment reserved for two people per year who are committed to creating a thriving practice as a world-class professional coach.

This program is designed to help you learn everything about what it really takes to be a successful coach with a thriving business, a world-class coach earning multiple six-figures year after year with clients worldwide.

The demand today is off the charts and the fees are strong for coaching and mentoring. And more exciting than that is the profound impact that we are able to have on people's lives.

I’ll work with you over the course of a year to help bring about your own personal transformation. Transformation is not about incremental change. Transformation means a profound and permanent shift in how you relate to yourself, other people and the world at large.

You will finish the year with a deep relationship with your own wisdom and wellbeing, and an unshakable confidence in your ability to positively impact the lives of others.

We’ll begin with a one on one coaching intensive to help you shift your foundations, deepen the ground of your being, and expand your possibilities.

Your apprenticeship will include both face to face and virtual mentoring via phone and Zoom.

The greatest investment you’ll ever make is a
commitment to your next level of success.

The Apprenticeship Program Includes:

  1. 70+ Hours (1.5 hours 3x per month) face to face and virtually.
  2. Unlimited email/whatsapp support.
  3. Laser Coaching - these are bonus calls used when an emergency comes up and we need to work through one issue.
  4. I'll be in your life for the next 12 months, every step of the way, to help you create the life and business you truly desire.

If you are interested in working together, please contact me stating why you’d like to undertake a coaching apprenticeship.