sulla Crescita Personale e sul Coaching

di Matt Traverso

Coaching – Realizza il tuo Potenziale
Come puoi migliorare la tua vita e il tuo lavoro subito e per sempre


Autore: Matt Traverso
Editore: Anteprima
Libro – Pag 236 – Novembre 2008

L’arte del Coaching
Le chiavi per lo sviluppo della persona e dei suoi potenziali


Autore: Matt Traverso, Marco Paret
Editore: Tecniche Nuove Edizioni
Libro – Pag 244 – Maggio 2011

Manuale di PNL – La PNL in Italia
La PNL in Italia


Autore: Matt Traverso
Editore: Armando Curcio Editore
Libro – Pag 252 – Anno 2011

I Pilastri della Persuasione
Vendere, convincere, affascinare.


Autore: Matt Traverso, Marco Paret
Editore: Anteprima
Libro – Pag 260 – Giugno 2009


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The NLP Professional Practitioner Manual
Official Certification Manual

di Matt Traverso, Marco Paret

This manual contains the single most practical, readable and innovative treatment of NLP available today. Written in a very easy-to-understand writing style, it covers every key pattern and language-mastery concept in NLP. The official manual for NLP training courses where you will find NLP sequentially presented, so that each section builds on the previous one. With a mixture of presentation, example, thought experiments, case studies, outlines, metaphors, etc. the manual trains both conscious and unconscious minds. This training workbook oozes with practical knowledge you will be applying for as long as you live. It contains the latest cutting-edge distinctions in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, particularly with regard to the Meta-model of language.


The Abundance Zone
Your A-Z of Successful Living

di Matt Traverso

Have you ever met people who seem to have it all, who seem to be living the life of their dreams? They have a level of joy and success, happiness & openess that goes way beyond what most people could imagine.they’re living life to the full, doing what they’re most passionate about doing and helping as many people as they can along the way. These are the people that live from the Abundance Zone. There are some brave souls out in the world who have understood the wisdom of ‘our thoughts create our reality’ and ‘where our attention goes energy flows’. Steve Oxlade and Matt Traverso are two such individuals. They are joining a band of men and women across the globe who are no longer willing to focus on what society, governments or our families tell us to focus on. They recognise that we have a choice when it comes to what we think and what we put our attention on. The Abundance Zone by Steve Oxlade and Matt Traverso is designed to help people improve their thinking and language skills so that the internal dialogue of their world is empowered.

Coaching sulla Ricchezza


Autore: Matt Traverso, Marco Paret
Editore: Anteprima
Libro – Pag 113 – Giugno 2011