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Matt, through my coaching with you I have taken huge steps in record time: This is what coaching is really all about! You’ve allowed me to access a new level of confidence and resourcefulness that I now use to turn any challenge into a great opportunity. Your practical and incisive style, wonderful humour, and great sensitivity are a powerful combination that may very well make you the very best coach in Europe. Since we’ve started working together 6 months ago you’ve been an outstanding example and a great role model; and especially now as I’m building my own outstanding career as a coach and trainer. Thanks!

Gerry Santoro, Founder & President, Fodras


“Matt is an outstanding High Performance individual with a natural talent to inspire others to raise their standards. His life and work clearly show his ability, passion, and commitment to massively contribute to people.”

Bob Quintana, President, Anthony Robbins & Associates


Matt, over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with many trainers and coaches but you are certainly the best! During each period of coaching, I achieved markedly improved performance and exceeded my goals. Matt is an experienced and insightful coach who has a gift for providing exactly the right guidance at the right time.

Giuseppe Arditi, Direttore Generale, Ristopi¨ Lombardia


“Thanks Matt. Your coaching has skyrocketed my business life and the love I now have for myself. You’ve given me the courage and power to take action toward my dreams… and fulfil them. Your style is inspiring, empowering, and practical. You have the innate ability to keep me focused on what’s really important, read between the lines, and strengthen my being. You've helped me know and become the person that I most want to be. That has truly changed my life in who I am and where I am going as I’ve learned the strength in "Being". For that I’ll be forever grateful."

Lucia Rigo, Psychologist


“Matt, when I look at the changes I've made over the last year, I have to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming.  I love the freedom and meaning coaching has brought into my life. Thanks!”

Luigi dall’Agnese, Entrepreneur, Atletica Brugnera dall’Agnese Mobili


“Life changing – enabled me to move beyond things which have been issues literally all my life, to achieve things I didn’t know were possible.”

Carme SolÚ, CEO


I noticed changes the first week. My friends have noticed a change in me. Matt’s coaching makes such a radical difference. His sessions were amazingly focused and productive. His coaching style and provoking questions motivated me to channel my energies toward attaining my heart’s desires! I am extremely satisfied because he truly changed my life…. I feel more confident and more fulfilled than I have in years! I have made so many changes and I am very excited about building that new road to my new and improved future! PS: If anything, I think Matt’s coaching sessions are under priced for what we get; a person can’t put a price on happiness!"

Leila Bianchi, General Manager, TDS Group


You proved to be an excellent coach, helping me to achieve both personal and business results. I found you to be insightful, focused and supportive but also willing to challenge me on my methods. As a result, I was able to achieve almost a 100% increase in profits for our company this year versus last

Luciana Monaco, Director, CNA


“Matt’s peak performance seminar has been the most crucial day of my life. Matt has the power to awaken you and move you to action! On a scale of 1-10 it’s a 12! I highly recommend Matt for keynote speeches, training and educational programs. The relevant content and captivating style will make your meeting a success.”

Cristina Pelaia, Founder, S R T


“Matt, your live program is phenomenal!”

Martino Papesso, Engineer


“I attended his seminar because I wanted to have greater success in my life and Matt has given me the tools and resources to do it. Thanks Matt!”

Federico Maralli, Entrepreneur


“Most of the people in the room were about 20 years older than him, but he earned our respect right away.  We really wanted to hear what he had to say and we found it very useful.  He’s helped hundreds of our managers set and achieve new standards.”

William Chin, Executive General Manager, SESCO


“His live seminar is an outstanding step in personal development.”

Mauro Gori, Managing Director, Scamper


“Excellent! I have learnt a lot from watching his style of training – especially as he breaks a lot of the rules I was taught about presentation and training. I must say that he delivered even more than I expected. He gives people tools to take control of their lives and builds the confidence necessary to do that. I highly recommend Matt to anyone seeking a dynamic, innovative, effective trainer

Lindai Buhring, Computing & Electronics Services


“Without exception our managers have come away with a renewed enthusiasm and goals for themselves and the company. Several stated how the weekend acted like a circuit breaker and helped them refocus. Many managers have quoted back to me ideas, which they obtained from the weekend and are now implementing. This is what has impressed me most – it was not just a great feel good seminar, it is producing actual results and changes in our managers. Thank you for your training and guidance.”

Shi Yee Bong, HR Director, Priority One


"Matt is a true fountain of knowledge on Peak Performance and Human Potential. He has the capacity to inspire anyone he comes into contact with, because of his great energy, unique approach and amazing passion for life. His own success is a direct result of helping so many other people become successful in a fun and practical way.”

Steve C Oxlade, MSc, Founder, Life Academy UK


Matt will inspire and captivate your audience. He exudes a passion for bringing out potential and empowering others. His amazing energy and ability to find humour even in the most bizarre situations gives him the ability to teach a wide variety of individuals valuable knowledge. I now have an amazing toolkit to empower me and I feel incredibly enriched and open to infinite possibilities. Brilliant!“

Francesco Tribuzio, Entrepreneur


To sum it all up Matt, your attendance and involvement at our conference was the best investment we have ever made in the 8 conferences we have run. Also in attendance at the conference were some managers and senior consultants whom I would class as being very particular and who do not give praise lightly. I was pleasantly surprised by the positive response that I gained not only from these people but from ALL the delegates in attendance


Your involvement assisted greatly in our delegates going back to their offices and making change, and subsequently, PEARSON offices have now shown growth and in some instances the best growth on all of our top preferred products that we sell. I thank you for your assistance in making a huge difference to our conference and its results.”

Andrew Challinor, Marketing Director, PEARSON


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